How To Do Affiliate Marketing

How to do affiliate marketing?
To start use an affiliate marketing company that promotes Companies with products that have an affiliate program. Like Click Bank, or Pay Dot Com, they are free. Go to their sites and you will find Products listed by category under Marketplace.

When you sign up and remember it is free, you will create a nickname that will be a part of your individual link for each product you promote. Do not use anything unprofessional as your nickname

Find a product that you are an expert in, because of your profession,hobbies,passions,or you just feel it is a product you want to promote. Research it before promoting it, and you should try it first. Go on line and look up reviews ,and research each company with the BBB.

Click on Promote when you have decided on a product. You will be sent to a page where you need to put your nickname in that you created. After you put your nickname in the box click create.

Wala you have your own personal link or also called a hop link. This link will identify you as the person getting payed the commission. When a customer clicks on your link in an email, classified ad,article,forum,video(just to mention a few ways to promote product) you will get payed on any sales now and in the future.

That is just a small part of how to do affiliate marketing .

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