How To Use IMeye For Affiliate Marketing

How To Use IMeye For Affiliate Marketing.

Using IMeye for general affiliate marketing, let’s say you want to run c p a offers or something like that, how does IMeye help you with that. The first thing you need to do is get a little bit more generic and just look for opportunities and let the keywords find you. You can look for an Adwords opportunity to run a cpa offer or any affiliate offer, wiyh IMeye you will know it when you see it because you will be given opportunities, all you need to do is find a great CPA or affiliate offer to monetize it.

The first thing you need to do when you are using IMeye for affiliate marketing is to find the opportunities, you do this by starting with the monthly searches because you need keyword phrases with a lot of search volume for affiliate offers than you do for SEO opportunities because the average click through rate for a ppc campaign is about 2%, you will need to find keyword phrases that will generate at least a 100 clicks per day to make it worth doing, that means you need about 150 thousand searches per month as 2% of that amounts to about 100 clicks a day.

You tell IMeye that you don’t want any keywords with less than 150 thousand searches a month. Don’t worry about the amount of competing pages because you are not trying to compete from a SEO prospective. When it comes to the cost per click you don’t want to pay more that 20 cents a click, hopefully you will pay a lot less. Set the keyword phrase length to a minimum of three keywords as this will be a highly targeted keyword phrase. Set the keyword position to between 1 and 3.

Once you have entered this information in to IMeye it will return pages and pages of keyword phrases with enough search volume, that means at least 150 thousand a month and in most cases you will see much more search volume than that, those keyword phrases will be at least 3 keywords in length, that means they are pretty long tail keywords and that someone is actually looking to buy something rather than just surfing the web.

All this is great for letting the opportunity find you because you can make something of it by running a profitable CPA campaign or any affiliate campaign.

IMeye can also help you if you already have a offer that you want to run with, you just need to filter the search in a different way. The first thing you would do is get rid of the minimum 3 keyword phrase and add in the affiliate categories and tell imeye to only give you keywords where other people have run campaigns.

Now imeye will show you a box with alphabetically listed niche categories that you can choose from, you just need to pick a particular niche that you are interested in and imeye will return tons of keywords for that niche, this is great if you already know what kind of opportunities you are looking for.

Hopefully this gives you some kind of idea of the power of IMeye and using it for affiliate marketing is just one of the many ways to use it.